Suffering, desire & anger... Reliquary of Souls defeated! 

by liekki on Wed Jan 30th 2008

A Funny fight, different atleast. I hope I could've been there to see it happen but unfortunately I was personally resting comfortably in the army while the brave men (and women) of Theorycraft were defeating the encounter. Good job everyone...!

The loot was pretty good.. not! Though I guess people might disagree with me on this one. :) Anyway, [item]Torch of the Damned[/item] to jakee and [item]Touch of Inspiration[/item] to fey congratulations! 6/9 in Black Temple as of now!

Next one in line is Mother Shahraz, which I bet will be a nice and tough fight!

Blood boils no longer - Gurtogg Bloodboil defeated! 

by liekki on Wed Jan 16th 2008

It had been ages since we last were on a progress raid and everybody was anxious to get their hands on new content again since we had been attuning recruits and farming oldies for a couple weeks. So we had alot of guys who had never actually seen the fight and that's why Istaria held a nice dry run where we went through the basic tactics before we even touched the trash. vissi acted as Gurtogg and jakee bounced infront of him yelling "F@#k you! Sunder, sunder!" as if he was tanking. Really entertaining and refreshing. :)

Anyway, after all the practicing and clearing the trash we got some fast tries on the boss. A few stupid tries later we got the thing under control, mostly anyway, and got him keeld with just ~10 people alive.

The loot was crap though, I'd say: [item]Garments of Temperance[/item] to Amen and [item]Shadowmoon Insignia[/item] to jakee. Congratulations everyone, 5/9 in the Black Temple!