Putricide ran out of ammo - Theorycraft wins!  

by liekki on Wed Jan 27th 2010

So it's been a while since I last posted anything on the site and unlike the front page might let you assume, we're actually raiding 25 man raids nowadays. Yes! That's right. And it's been a lot of fun too! The Icecrown Citadel's been a really nice experience so far.

Anyway, our biggest hurdle so far has been this one certain big guy and his potions and whatnot. With a couple of 10% wipes on the first reset, and another couple miserable wipes in phase 3 on the second reset it started to feel like we'd never kill it.

We didn't let our misfortune get to us; however, and went back there last night and managed to kill the ugly big guy after a few tries. Good job from everyone there! It's a really neat fight and was nicely tuned for our raid. Kudos, Blizzard!

Next up is Blood Queen Lanathel and her nasty tricks. Will see how that goes. (Yeah, we killed the three princes too!)