Nefarian down.. and Onyxia. Again. 

by liekki on Fri Jan 21st 2011

We found Nefarian hanging out in Blackwing Descent the other day and even though we've all killed them both over like four years ago we decided we would do everything in our power to kill them... again!

It took some effort, too. Wasn't all that easy, but after a few tries (I think I counted two..) the duo finally gave up. What a glorious day!

Really well tuned encounter. No room for big errors and a lot to do for everybody. I like. Congratulations to everyone in the guild; fresh Defenders of the Shattered World out of the oven!

Until next time!

Neither Al'Akir nor Cho'gall left standing  

by liekki on Thu Jan 13th 2011

This Wednesday we had a good raid, despite the usual delays and connection problems and having to stand around waiting for more than an hour.

We stormed through Blackwing Descent and cleared everything up to Nefarian super fast, went straight to the Bastion and killed the bosses that stood on our way back to Cho'gall. We were keen on getting back to that particular encounter as we had some tries on him last week, but had to call it a day after a few sub-10% tries.

Our group had changed a bit from last week, but it clearly didn't matter since we got to phase two on the first try and got our kill on him after only a few tries. Good job!

In my opinion a very nice and tightly tuned encounter.. For us, at least.

Oh and as the title says, we killed Al'Akir too last reset, but I've got nothing to say about that encounter so.. Nefarian's next!

Just a little update ... !  

by liekki on Mon Jan 10th 2011

It's been a while since I last posted anything because, well, I've been busy with other stuff and also we haven't accomplished anything super significant.

Anyway I decided to write something since Omnotron definitely isn't our latest kill. Since then we've killed everything up to Nefarian in Blackwing Descent and Cho'gall in the Bastion of Twilight as well as Al'akir in the Throne of Four Winds.

So.. three to go!