We were prepared – Illidan Stormrage defeated! 

by Istaria on Mon Feb 25th 2008

After having had to put up with questions asked on a Wednesday like "is Illidan STILL alive guys? Is he really that hard?" or "is he going to die today?" the kill was that much sweeter. People, what do you think? No, we can't clear BT in 1 day. Yet.

A lot of people were drawing conclusions about the time between our Council kill (on a last day of a reset) and this one, figuring "it really would be that hard". But no, sorry to disappoint you guys: to kill Illidan, you must first reach him.

As for the actual fight, it is enjoyable, and the quote "you are not prepared" was very true for us when we first reached him. Our first confrontation was messy. Our second confrontation was from a different planet. Pay attention to Illidan's words of wisdom ;)

Finally, a lot of people were warning me that we can't do Black Temple with the small amount of healers we have. I am happy to prove them wrong! :)

Sadly no warglaives, but the loot was still pretty sweet:

[item]Faceplate of the Impenetrable[/item] -> Atukayi
[item]Memento of... Read the whole story.

Illidari Council submits! 

by sentros on Tue Feb 12th 2008

After bringing Mother Shahraz down our members were lusting for another kill in Black Temple and so it was time to meet the Illidari Council. We were having problems with the pull at first but after that was brought under control it was a fight for survival. Roughly two hours later our efforts were rewarded, the Council was down.

Our loot was the following. [item]Leggings of the Forgotten Vanquisher[/item] to Unstopabull, [item]Leggings of the Forgotten Protector[/item] to creephy and finally [item]Forest Prowler's Helm[/item] to Noctis.

Mother Shahraz brought down! 

by liekki on Sun Feb 10th 2008

We had a successful start of the raid week with both Mount Hyjal and Black Temple (Up to Mother anyway...) cleared just in two days and finally got our raid geared up with shadow resistance gear. Everything looked good and it was the time to pay a visit to the Mother at her lounge.

After the initial problems (people not having their gear enchanted and people with wrong specs etc...) we got the show on the road. Although the fight seemed challenging, we found it pretty easy and the first pull resulted to a wipe at 44%. We saw the fight, made some adjustments and down it went on the second try. We even had people disconnect with the fatal attraction and what not.

Anyway, a funny fight made a bit too easy I guess. Atleast I was personally a bit disappointed.

Oh yes, the loot! [item]Heartshatter Breastplate[/item] to jakee, [item]Pauldrons of the Forgotten Conqueror[/item] to Amen and [item]Pauldrons of the Forgotten Vanquisher[/item] to Zeh. Congratulations everyone! Council next!