Very insane at last! 

by liekki on Tue Oct 27th 2009

Managed to get the wurms down this time. It seemed like people really wanted to nail this achievement today - never have I seen them this focused!

Well, luckily people were back to normal and off focus by Anub! ;)

Very. Insane.

Good job everyone!

Oh, and the loot!

[item]Cloak of Serrated Blades[/item] to Rakhnal
[item]Swift Horde Wolf[/item] to Chronius


kill shot hre ;_;

Not quite insane... 

by liekki on Tue Oct 20th 2009

Okay, we tried.. did our best. Wiped at the wurms.

Here's the result.

Very sad panda. :(

Better luck next time...

rage ss! ;_;

Theorycraft & Tribute to Skill 

by liekki on Mon Oct 19th 2009

So, last reset we cleared The Trial of the Grand Crusader, with 35 attempts left, awarding us the [A Tribute to Skill] achievement. Server 19th, yey! Way to go, us.

Stay tuned for more this week!