Another one falls - Teron Gorefiend down! 

by liekki on Sun Dec 2nd 2007

After the fall of our beloved Archimonde, we set our eyes back to the Black Temple. This time we had Teron Gorefiend as our target. We were prepared for a tough fight, since me and some other guild members were under a strong impression that it was going to be a hard encounter. Especially after we noticed that just a few people had actually even bothered to read about his abilities and the strategy to defeat him. All we knew was it had something to do with controlling some ghost gusy. But none of us knew that it was really that easy.

The first pull was meant to familiarize people with the fight and to get used to using the ghosts and still managed to get the boss down to 50 percent. After a couple more tries the boss was dead and.. oh yes - there were epics!

The loot was [item]Botanist's Gloves of Growth[/item] and [item]Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape[/item], congratulations to Istaria and dronsu!