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Posted 25.02.07 21:34

Hey all,

First of all, thank you for showing interest towards our guild!

Please do not contact us in-game regarding your application status or whether or not we have read it or come to a decision. All applications will be read and discussed, but in most cases it will take several days or even more. If you think we have forgotten about your application (which may very well happen!) then you can comment here on the forum and bump it back up.

Also, if there is an update regarding your application, please do not post a new one. Just reply to the old thread you submitted, instead. No applications will be removed, so consider carefully before wanting to upset your current guild by posting one. We also do not accept "discreet / private only" applications right now.

That having been said, it is important for you to know that this guild started small, and we intend to keep it that way. While you may meet all the criteria to join Theorycraft, chances are many other people do that as well. We simply can not let everyone in. Thus, I hope you do not feel offended if you aren't chosen. Either way, in case of an opening coming up, we will take another look at suitable applications. This means you may get in after some delay.

And there is more: Theorycraft does not exist for the epics. We do not have a real DKP system. All the loot is given out by the officers in a fashion that best benefits our PvE progression.

The same thing applies to crafters. We also have a very clear hierarchy for them. All rare patterns go to the guild's "Main Crafter" first.

The guild is more communist than would be healthy for any larger organisation. We share and care, but some people may end up taking the hit from that in the long run. If you do not think you have the mentality required, this probably is not the guild for you. In short, if you can be genuinely happy that a guild-mate got the exact item you were looking for, because it benefited the guild more in his hands, you'll fit in just fine.

We use teamspeak to communicate during raids. This is not an English test, but you need to be able to communicate with the raid. It also means that you should already have a microphone (and the guts to use it). You don't need to talk all the time, but it would be great if you could speak up when it really matters.

We do not have any "real" gear requirements. Our raiding people are kitted very well, which means we can gear new recruits up relatively fast. However, we do take a look at your gear and decide whether or not you know how to build a good kit depending on what is available to you. Thus, a guy in good blues that suit him very well gets in before someone who is wearing the wrong epics.

Using the forums is a necessity. You have to be able to inform us if you aren't able to make it to the raid (especially for a longer period of time). "Not really caring" and only showing up when you feel like it, is a quick way to end a trial.

Most of our activity outside raiding hours happens on our IRC channel, so using IRC is a big plus. Many of our veterans do not log in to the game that often anymore when there is no raid, but we are quite active on IRC.

We have also reached the conclusion that players who excel at other games usually make good WoW players as well. After all, this game is not that hard to learn, and if you can learn one of those harder games you can probably do just well in this one. So, please list any other games you are familiar with, especially if you play them competitively or are very good at them.

Theorycraft has the following notable achievements:

- Server first and second characters to level 17 »! ( class=profile-tooltip-text>liekki, class=profile-tooltip-text>sentros)
- Server first Azuregos, just 24 days after server launch »!

- Server first Romulo and Juliet
- Server second all other bosses (After Empathy / Exciter)

Gruul's Lair:
- Server first High King Maulgar together with Exciter.

Magtheridon's Lair:
- Battlegroup second Magtheridon (After Simplicity)

Tempest Keep - The Eye:
- Battlegroup second Void Reaver (After Simplicity).
- Battlegroup first High Astromancer Solarian.
- Battlegroup first Al'ar.
- Server first Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider.

Serpentshrine Cavern:
- Server first Lady Vashj.

Hyjal Summit:
- Server first everything.

Black Temple:
- Server first everything.

Sunwell Plateau:
- Horde first Kalecgos.
- Server first Brutallus.

All applications should contain the following information:

Subject: Character name, race, class.

- Your age and location (as well as nationality if different)
- Current guild, previous guilds and why you wish to change guilds
- Reasons for wanting to join this guild
- Experience with your class, other classes and other games
- Gear and wishlist from the gear attainable to you at the time of writing this application, as well as gear attainable if you join Theorycraft (Please note that getting the right kind of gear from the gear attainable to you is way more important than having better gear than the next guy. As stated above, under most circumstances we will not look at the quality of the gear but rather how it fits its owner)

Messages not complying with the subject and body rule may be periodically deleted. Or kept, in case they have entertainment value.

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Posted 26.03.15 21:24

These forums may look old and inactive, but they will be put to good use soon enough! Don't worry and don't be afraid to post.

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